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Adam Contributes to Limbless Association Article

Step Forward Magazine focuses on Access Around The Home

Step Forward features Adam Thomas and Freedom by Symphony kitchens in the latest edition of the magazine, entitled Access Around the Home. The comprehensive article covers access considerations in every part of the home, plus living aids and access to work.

Incorporating images of a person affected by limb loss using a Freedom by Symphony kitchen, the article quotes Adam saying:

"The most important thing for a client living with limb loss is to design for all eventualities ... I recommend that the kitchen be designed in such a way that it can be used from a sitting or perching stool position. By far the best thing to consider is a worktop that can rise and lower and has a lip to stop spills - called a waterfall edge. It also gives you something to hold onto when balancing or moving around the kitchen. Positioning of ovens, hobs and sinks and other appliances and storage is critical and make the difference between being able to use the kitchen or not at all."

Adam's ethos has always been that good design can provide access to all areas of a kitchen and, as the UK's leading accessible kitchen designer, he has a wealth of experience in this field.

To read the full article follow this link or click on this link to find out more about the Limbless Association.

To visit the Freedom by Symphony kitchens web site follow this link. And read our Blog post about this ground-breaking range of furniture here.

If you are affected by limb loss and would like to discuss your own kitchen project, get in touch with Adam Thomas - the UK's leading kitchen designer for multigenerational kitchens and a wide range of impairments.


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