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Adam Named in Shaw Trust Power 100 List

The Power 100 is an annual publication listing the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK. Launched 5 years ago by The Shaw Trust, this unique title is well known in the disability publication landscape, providing biographies of the top 100 influencers with disabilities in the UK.

The Shaw Trust Power 100 list aims to further inclusivity by celebrating the achievements of those selected to be included.

Adam has been recognised in acknowledgement of his life's work in inclusive and accessible kitchen design, and his many design partnerships in recent years that aim to increase the availability of accessible kitchens across the UK. To view his entry, visit The Power 100 web site using this link.

What is the Shaw Trust? The Shaw Trust is a social purpose organisation, challenging inequality and breaking down barriers to enable social mobility. Standing for fairness, equality and opportunity, The Shaw Trust campaigns for everyone to have the opportunity to work and live a decent and dignified life. Find out more at The Shaw Trust web site.

If you need design advice, whether it's multi-generational, inclusive or for a specific disability, don't hesitate to get in touch with Adam. Your initial discussion is free and without obligation.


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