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Adam Nominated for Shaw Trust Disability Power 100

What Is The Shaw Trust Disability Power 100?

Every year the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 list celebrates the top 100 Disabled People working and living in the UK. They host a celebration event and publish the top 100 list online and in print. And this year the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 will be a whole year of celebrations, stimulating debate and making an impact.

The Shaw Trust works to showcase the capabilities and strengths of Disabled People, and help shatter negative perceptions of disability and expose the benefits of accessibility and inclusion.

The annual Disability Power 100 celebrates the most influential disabled people in the UK, nominated by the public and judged by an independent panel. It is internationally recognised, and is the only campaign that shines a light on Disabled People at the top of their game and in positions of influence across all sectors of society.

More than 20% of people have an impairment, and too often as a society we see disability before capability. This misapprehension unintentionally excludes Disabled People, as they continue to navigate an inaccessible world,

The Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 celebrates success, inclusion and advocacy. Highlighting the pioneers, changemakers and influencers, it opens doors for future generations and paves the way for Disabled People to break down prejudice and work towards the creation of a fairer, more inclusive world.

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