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Adam Speaks to the KBB Review on Multigenerational Living

Adam discusses multigenerational, inclusive design with Vicki Evans of KBB Review

In a special Focus On Multigenerational Living issue in August 2021, Adam discussed the state of accessible kitchen design with Vicki Evans of KBB Review.

In the article Adam states that society has changed in recent years, and the concept of multigenerational or universal design is becoming more accepted and understood. Adam urges the British kitchen industry to keep in step with this change, and consider incorporating design features that help a wide variety of family members to use their kitchen and live at home for longer. Adam reminds us that one in five people in the UK are affected by a disability, including anything from chronic back pain or arthritis, through to wheelchair use or dementia. There are a wide range of ways to tackle these issues using good, universal design.

Read the August 2021 KBB Review article here, and use this link to contact Adam for your next universal design project.

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