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Adam Thomas Designs for Freedom by Symphony

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

For some years, Adam has been working closely with the design team at Symphony, one of the UK's largest kitchen furniture manufacturers and suppliers, to create a new range of accessible kitchen furniture. The result is the Freedom range, by Symphony.

This new venture raises the bar in accessible kitchen design in the UK, making good quality, fully-featured accessible kitchens available to all. Importantly, it is freely available through Symphony Freedom stockists across the British Isles, achieving one of Adam's long-term goals; to make accessible kitchens available in every corner of the nation.

The Freedom range is suitable for multi-generational use, and boasts a wide range of features too numerous to cover in one article, including many of Adam's signature design features.

For more details, visit the Freedom pages of the Symphony web site.

To find your nearest Symphony Freedom retailer, use this Dealer Locator link.

For Press enquiries, contact Adam directly.


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