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Get On Board With Inclusive Design Or Lose Sales - Adam Thomas

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In the August 2021

Adam reminded the British kitchen industry once more in recent weeks that it needs to get on board with accessible design, or lose sales.

Through the industry’s leading trade publication, the KBB Review, Adam encourages kitchen, bedroom and bathroom retailers to provide a full design service for Britain’s 11 million disabled people, or lose out on the custom of a key demographic across the nation.

Industry training and knowledge is essential to bridge the gap in understanding and ensure that customers can go to any kitchen or bathroom retailer in their local town and receive a full, inclusive service that takes into account the needs of every age, ability and physical challenge. “You can design a kitchen that works for a wheelchair user, but no one can use it. That’s not good universal design. What makes it good is a kitchen that a wheelchair user can use, but that a non-disabled person can use just as easily.”

Adam continues

“I don’t care what we call this market – as long as we have an industry that can design for everyone.”

Download the KBB Review article using this link. Or get in touch with Adam to discuss your next multigenerational design project.

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