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Gorgeous Matt Indigo Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

This lovely family came to Adam for help with a design for a family-friendly, inclusive and fully wheelchair-accessible kitchen. Their top priorities were a good amount of storage, safe access for the whole family, and no compromise on style.

Working with a Freedom by Symphony dealer, Adam designed a spacious, state-of-the-art kitchen that is packed with accessible features. The stunning dark blue cupboards, and black glass appliances lend a contemporary feel. Brushed steel plinths and lighting illuminate at floor level.

A large, l-shaped rise and fall worksurface made of a solid surface material that is impervious to water spills makes wheelchair access to sink and hob a breeze. This worktop also has a raised edge on all sides to contain spills, protecting laps and legs. A second, standard-height sink is comfortable for ambulant members of the family to use.

Centrally located isolators make it quick and easy to isolate an appliance if required. They are also accessible for wheelchair users.

This rise and fall surface is height-adjustable, providing a safe way to access hob and sink. Working at the sink or hob from a seated position can also be safer for older people, and those who experience tremors. Here, it provides the ideal space for food preparation and cooking.

Integrated pull-out shelves below each oven provide a heat-resistant surface for the transfer of hot pots from oven to worktop. This is a helpful feature for wheelchair users, and anyone with a spinal injury and reduced grip.

Pull-down baskets and interior pull-out drawers make access to this large storage area much more accessible. Instead of awkwardly stretching to reach pantry items, bring the tins and packets towards you! This is a simple, and effective way to make storage accessible to all members of the family.

To find out more about the Freedom by Symphony range, follow this link to their web site.

Do you have a kitchen project in mind? If you need the advice of an expert in inclusive kitchen design, don't hesitate to contact Adam Thomas and make your dream kitchen a reality.

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