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OTAC Conference, Cardiff

In early December I attended the OTAC (Occupational Therapy Adaptation Conference and Exhibition) meeting at the Vale Resort in Cardiff, to speak on creating a multi-generational kitchen using Freedom by Symphony furniture.

As always, it was great to meet a number of occupational therapists and access consultants to discuss design issues and how to solve them. I really enjoy adding to my network, and at this meeting I met some great people with really interesting business ideas. There was a good mix of OTs, surveyors and adaptation specialists, and plenty of opportunities to share ideas.

In addition to talking tips and hints for multi-generational kitchen design, the Symphony stand had brochures, video of some of the motorised kitchen elements that can be utilised, and an example of the furniture and worktop that are typically used in a Freedom kitchen.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and a good end to a busy year!

If you would like to know more about Freedom by Symphony, either get in touch with me, or find your local retailer at the Symphony web site.

Want to find an OTAC conference near you? Check out the OTAC Events page using this link.


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