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Throwback: KBB 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Trawling through some filing recently, Adam spotted the photo of this award ceremony in 2020, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the KBB Review Retail & Design Awards - representing the UK kitchen industry.

Adam has campaigned to make accessible kitchens available to all for over 30 years, and this award went some way towards acknowledging this work. His collaboration with Symphony Kitchens is also delivering on the goal of making accessible kitchens available to disabled people across the UK.

Adam was interviewed about this award by Symphony back in April 2020, just after the award ceremony, and said:

I think the kitchen industry is really taking notice of accessible design at the moment, and I think Symphony is leading the way with the Freedom product. Part of my work with Symphony is talking to their retailers, housebuilders and also those that are involved in home adaptations such as occupational therapists. I do this because I believe education is key. Until you talk to someone about accessible design and discuss the limitations a standard kitchen can have, I think it’s difficult to understand the importance of accessible design. I hope that with this education housebuilders, architects and retail showrooms will all bring accessible kitchen design into their day to day running.

Read the full article using this link. And if you are interested in the Symphony Freedom range, find a retailer at the Symphony web site. Or contact Adam Thomas to discuss your upcoming kitchen project.

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